The ultimate solution for e-commerce companies looking to revolutionize their customer support and increase sales. RetBot is a ChatGPT-based chatbot that can learn from structured and unstructured data to provide smarter customer support at low cost, 24/7 availability, and in multiple languages. With RetBot, you can increase your conversion rates by reducing bounce rates and providing product recommendations to your site visitors. RetBot can also help minimize cart abandonment by proactively offering discounts and assistance to customers on pages where they experience friction.

RetBot can help you manage returns effectively

RetBot can help you manage returns effectively by offering seamless returns and personalizing the experience for each customer. Additionally, it can help prevent returns by preemptively intervening when a shopper is displaying behavior that indicates a return is likely. RetBot can elevate your CX and increase customer retention by providing updates on transactions, turning customer grievances into dialogues, and initiating conversations proactively to provide an end-to-end shopping experience. With RetBot, customers can achieve their purpose with little to-no clicks, and receive post-purchase support and services, ensuring they remain satisfied with their purchase. Choose RetBot for your e-commerce company and experience the future of customer support and sales.

Why RetBot?

  • Always

  • Language

  • Multi Lingual


RetBot Benefits

The biggest benefit of RetBot chatBot is the 24/7 availability and instant response rate.

  • Ability to learn with the data using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

  • Can communicate with user in Natural Languages like English, Spanish, French etc.

  • Allow your customers to interact with you in their native language.

  • Connect/Integrate with Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.


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