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Integrate Chatbot with channels including your Website or Mobile Apps, WhatsApp, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Skype, Slack, Line, and Facebook Messenger.

Human Handoff

Regardless of how much intelligence a bot has, there possibly will be times when a chatbot needs to handoff the conversation to a human (agent). This is necessary either because the chatbot doesn’t understand the user (due to AI limitation), or if the request can’t be automated and requires a human involvement. In these type of cases the chatbot should recognize when it needs to handoff to human agent and provide the user with a smooth transition. We provide handoff on MS Teams and LivePerson.

Our Solutions

Chat bots are very effective and efficient way to engage customers. Financial businesses like Banks, Insurance companies and financial institutions can deploy chatbots to provide product information and aid existing customers to perform simple tasks. Few taps and clicks can revolutionize and deliver
Realtor Bots can guide the interested parties by giving information of the characteristics concerned, initiating discussions
Customers to perfectly utilize smart retail chatbots help with shopping and post-sales support. Bottom line is to turn hoppers to regulars as you
There is a growing need for personalized care, efficient and timely handling of client issues. For these problems, chatbots are the ideal solution and can really enhance the overall healthcare experience for both doctors and patients.r
The HR management is always burdened with the tasks of engaging with the employees, redressing their grievances, conducting surveys, taking feedback and much more. There is great need of automation and ease of use in this entire process. A chatbot can play a crucial role here in this regard and help the HR team in engaging with the employees.
Digital Tour Planning Bots can assist you manage an overwhelming list of duties from flight and hotel reservations to lists of stuff to do and locations to visit.


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