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Real Estate sector is alive and running on a key pillar called “Communication”.
Not all individuals who contact real estate companies turn as qualified lead who would purchase a flat. Many real estate brokers thus waste their time answering the same questions from individuals who will never come back to sign a contract.
This is where our chatbots come in handy. By using real estate chatbots, agencies can not only qualify leads and send follow-ups, but also improve engagement and increase sales.

Helping Clients to Solve Property Enquiry Problems

On a typical day, on your enquiry desk, you face tens to hundreds of enquires. Customers usually call to your enquiry desk or visit to your office and anyhow you have to answer it. Usually enquiry desk faces 60-70% repeated queries. Positioning human agents and infrastructure over the time adds the stress and cost to your organization. you need a better way for your users to ask their questions and get the right answers. Could a chat bot add value for your customers? Interestingly, a recent poll shows that 44% of people would rather like to talk to a chat bot than to a human!

Why Property Enquiry?

  • Always

  • Language

  • Multi


Property Enquiry Benefits

The biggest benefit of Property Enquiry chatBot is the 24/7 availability and instant response rate.

  • Always Available

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Speech

  • Omni Channel

  • Language Understanding

  • Multi Lingual


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