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Conversational Banking

At Elite Digital Technologies, we believe that technology innovation is crucial for fulfilling stringent consumer expectations and dealing with emerging agile suppliers that have entered the banking sector. In recent years, AI has made some essential inroads to change how banks communicate with clients and provide more ease, self-service, and personalization. Now, it’s the time to innovate with more available and affordable AI focussed banking solutions.

We at Elite Digital Technologies realize the critical role of banking in every individual’s professional dealings. This is why we help you easily manage your Banking, Finance, & Insurance operations with our unique conversational banking facility.

We provide frictionless customer service across touchpoints, General Inquiries, Account statements, Account Summaries, Deposits, Promotional Offers, and Check Application Status.

An Intelligent digital assistant can address up to 80% of all customer queries.

Our Banking, Finance, & Insurance services comes with various benefits. Underlying natural language processing ( NLP) and AI capabilities are now offering customers new ways to participate, a natural evolution from their social and smartphone experiences. Via the chat gui, consumers can communicate with various banking procedures, such as reporting possible bank card fraud, applying for an increase in their credit card cap, or having a breakdown of their recent purchases.

Why Conversational Banking?

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Conversational Banking Benefits

The biggest benefit of Conversational Banking chatBot is the 24/7 availability and instant response rate.

  • 24/7 Availability:

  • Instant Responses

  • Efficient Issue Resolution

  • Cost Savings


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