Health Underwriting Management System (HUMS)

Elite Digital contributed in the development of key modules within the Health Underwriting Management System (HUMS), a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the underwriting process for the Indian health insurance industry.

Health Underwriting Management System (HUMS) is an IT platform to facilitate complete underwriting process that includes workflow module along with an interface to configure business rules. It includes underwriting recommendations and provides risk adjustment scores for a set of medical and surgical conditions and rating factors (i.e. BMI, smoking and alcohol). It is designed specifically for individuals, family or small group product medical underwriting for Indian health insurance industry. HUMS integrates well with a client’s Policy Administration System (PAS). Integration is bidirectional with multiple levels of information exchange.


  • .Net

  • Sql Server

Client: INDIA

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    Health Underwriting Management System (HUMS)

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