Smarter Customer Support

Smarter Customer Support

Maintaining a support team that can care for your customers 24/7 can be very costly, and customers’ needs may also arise outside of business hours. Frustration can build when problems are not addressed immediately, so providing a way for customers to ask questions and get answers at any time can be a big relief and a way to increase customer satisfaction as well as retention. As chatbots can help customers at any time, businesses can leave a positive impact even if customer support staff is unavailable.

Instant Response

Even if a chatbot can’t solve a problem immediately, It can at least provide a quick response relevant to the customer’s query. Customers don’t like to wait on IVRS for help but customer support staff costs do not justify keeping a large enough live agents team at all hours to ensure that customers get help immediately. Chatbots can be the first point of contact to reduce customer wait and frustration on IVRS, and can handoff to human agents when needed.

Low Operational Cost and Improved morale

Chatbots can reduce operational costs by reducing customer support staffing needs, A full-time customer support team can be costly, leaving the after-hours support to a chatbot can provide huge savings.

Chatbots can handle tedious and repetitive tasks, it will increase human agents’ productivity as they don’t have to answer repetitive questions of customers. It will definitely save time and money but also has the benefit of positively impacting customer support agents’ morale.

Multilingual Support

Chatbots can handle thousands of customer queries at once that too in multiple languages, This makes chatbots very versatile and useful for global companies. When it’s hard to find speakers of some languages, chatbots are good alternative. However, bots cannot fully replace a fluent human agent in all circumstances, they definitely can reduce the need to employ multiple language speakers as staff at all times.

Consistency and Accuracy

Even in the most repetitive & low-value tasks, The workload can be tiring and tough on support agents’ performance, especially when doing the same tasks over and over. Agents may not be consistent and accurate with the low value and repetitive tasks. Chatbots have the benefit of working without breaks and performing with the accuracy regardless of how many times they have to repeat an action.

Data Gathering

For human agents, it is difficult to remember every part of a conversation, and it is even harder to analyse all the details in order to provide improved services and meet better customer expectations, Chatbots have the ability to gather data for analytics. Chatbots can also give consistent responses that can be used to measure customer responses without bias which allows businesses to improve their service strategies.

Reduced IVR Frustrations

Customers hate the interactive voice response (IVR) systems. listening to the menu and being unable to get a personalized response is frustrating. IVR systems are monotonous, and leave no room for unique customer scenarios. Customers having very few choices sometimes end up being routed to the wrong support team. Chatbots can efficiently replace these outdated IVR systems. Customers can still be routed to the right support team without the intervention of a human agent, but they at least feel like they are being cared for and understood.

Self Service

With chatbots customers can find the solution to their issues independently, With Artificial Intelligence & machine learning, chatbots can direct customers to answers that will help them gather the needed information and solve issues on their own. It can help keeping a high level of customer satisfaction while simultaneously decreasing support tickets