Boost Lead Generation

Boost Lead Generation

Chatbots can help understand the Audience

It’s really hard to give a gift to your new neighbour but very easy when you are selecting a gift for a known or close friend. Why so? Because you know your friend very well. Similarly, selling products to customers can be very hard if you don’t know their interests. Chatbots eases this tough job. Chatbots make it easy to help you understand your customer/audience. Chatbot enables you to find out the product interests, dislikes and likes of consumers. It also improves lead engagement. Chatbots can ask questions, conduct surveys and quizzes whenever users talk to it. Therefore, helps you getting a better idea about your best and least-performing products too. For example, as a user visits your website, the bot can ask user’s interests. If the user enters the Cotton Shirt, the bot can show the best Cotton Shirts you’ve in your inventory.

Customer Segmentation

Segmentation plays a vital role in keeping your content relevant and also boosts your lead generation strategy. Suggesting German residents, a tour package, valid for the US citizens can spoil the customers’ experience. Chatbot can segment the customers/audience depending upon the data they provide.

It can do segmentation on many factors like demographics, interests, age, gender, etc. It will help you in lead nurturing as well. If a customer belongs to a particular category, you can deal with him with the product & solutions/services you have for that particular section. For example, in the event that a client observes/celebrates Christmas, your chatbot can show the best gifts accessible for the client to give at Christmas. It can be very impactful since it aims the audience with an appropriate solution.

Building Relationship

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. A chatbot can help you build a trust by having a regular talk with your customers. It connects with clients by offering quick help and always being accessible to assist with settling their issues or inquiries. It will make the customer feel that there's a brand they can trust on. People can rely on chatbots as they’re not pushy like tele callers and they always act as per the customer’s preferences. You can provide customer care via chatbot for your customers. If they find any issues related to their product/services or their account, they can ask the chatbot how to get it resolved.

Replacing Forms

Filling out forms has become a boring task to do. Neither it’s engaging nor exciting. Chatbots can supplant these boring forms in an effective manner to produce leads astutely. It can ask customer/user details in a conversation as the customer/user goes further. This reduces the time and streamlines the data collection process. Consequently, helps your lead generation strategy if a customer/user doesn't want to put efforts to fill the information. Users find it easy to provide information in conversational manner. Placing a chatbot to collect the lead details/information doesn’t bore a customer/user.

Educating The Audience

Education is an important aspect in the lead generation process. having no knowledge about the product, the customer will never buy it. Companies these days are using chatbots to educate their customers and make them regular buyers. Chatbot can make the blog reading easier. By just typing the term you want the blog to read, you can get the blog posts/articles in seconds. Chatbots can help customers/users find the content you’ve on your website faster & easily.