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It’s time to power your digital transformation, gather untapped data and find out new insights from data by linking and connecting your IoT devices, assets and sensors.

Companies are gradually tapping IoT Solutions and Services to increase operational efficiency and transform their business models. IoT devices are becoming part of the mainstream electronics culture and people are embracing smart IoT enabled devices faster than ever in their homes. It is projected that up to 21 billion connected IoT devices will be accessible to the Internet by 2020. This IoT devices union will link physical and digital worlds that would exhibit new revenue streams, simplify new business models, drive effectiveness and improve the way existing services in different sectors are being delivered.

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents exciting opportunities for businesses, enabling everything from predictive maintenance to smart cities to connected factories. With fully managed IoT services from Microsoft Azure, we can build solutions and manage services for you in less time. Azure IoT provides a diverse ecosystem, including management tools custom-made to accommodate a multitude of IoT platforms, IoT device classes and protocols. With the Azure IoT service we can enable you to connect millions of devices and analyze the data.


IoT Hub can enable highly secure and reliable communication between your IoT application and the devices, can also enable you to use device-to-cloud telemetry data and help you understand the state of your IoT devices and define message paths to other services. In the cloud-to-device messages, applications can reliably send commands and notifications to connected IoT devices and track the message delivery with acknowledgment receipts. They can automatically resend device messages as required to accommodate intermittent connectivity.


This service can be used to analyze data on the IoT devices rather than in the cloud. By moving some parts of your workload to the edge/devices, very few messages need to be sent out to the cloud.

Cloud workloads like artificial intelligence, services or business logic can be deployed to run on Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices. By shifting certain jobs to the edge of the network, your IoT devices will spend less time communicating with the cloud and the solutions and will react quickly to local changes and function reliably.


Digital Twins is an IoT service that can be used create spatial intelligence graphs to model the associations/relationships and communications/interactions between people, places and devices. Applications can query data from a physical space rather than disparate sensors and IoT devices. A reusable, highly scalable, spatially aware experiences can be built that can link streaming data across the physical and digital world.

Digital Twins IoT applications can be applied to different types of environments, like, offices, schools, warehouses, hospitals, and banks. It can also be used for Play Grounds/stadiums, parking lots, factories, parks, smart grids, and cities. Below are some scenarios where Digital Twins IoT applications can be useful:

  • Maintenance needs prediction for a factory.
  • To better optimize and efficiently use the available space for an office.
  • Track daily temperature across several states.
  • To Analyze occupancy levels for a building.
  • Find the busiest cash register in your store.


Turn your IoT devices data into actionable insights. IoT applications cab be built to Improve operations and decision-making based on past IoT devices’ data delivered via rich visualisation and a turnkey experience. IoT applications can use real-time data insights and interactive analytics to accelerate data use throughout your organisation.

IoT Consulting services from Elite Digital Technologies will help you start your IoT journey.

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