Increase Sales

Increased conversion Rates

Don’t let customers leave your website without purchasing. The average bounce rate of e-commerce sites is 20%-40%. Chatbot can provide 24/7 availability to answer your customers’ questions, to point them in the right direction in case they have trouble finding what product they’re looking for. Chatbots can ask questions, conduct surveys and quizzes whenever users talk to it. Therefore, helps you getting a better idea about your best and least-performing products too. Chatbots can ensure support during holidays and that your customers and site visitors don’t end up buying from your competitor.

Product Recommendations

Chatbots can ask your site visitors a few questions in order to understand what they’re looking for and based upon their answers can help them finding suitable options in no time.


Customer’s browsing history or items placed in the shopping cart can also serve as a base for, Other product recommendations related to the goods your visitors are buying or looking for. Chatbot can be set or programmed in a way that it proactively triggers itself when a site visitor hit the checkout page in order to suggest additional items, based on the items they’re about to purchase.

Reducing cart abandonment

As per a study, in more than 18 million e-commerce sessions around 74% of online shopping carts were abandoned during a holiday season. This can be minimized by proactively triggering a targeted message offering help or a discount to customers on pages where they experience friction, like the checkout page for example. With chatbot at this stage you can help them and ensure that they complete their purchase. They might have questions about return policy, delivery timeframes and by offering the option to get answers quickly to their questions could be a differentiator between a sale or an abandoned cart.

Increase email or paid ad Campaigns Conversions

You’re trying to drive traffic as much as possible to your e-commerce site with the help of email marketing and paid social media ad campaigns. When visitors land on your site after clicking on an email or an ad, don’t just leave them on a page showing only your products. Provide them quick detail with the help of chatbot. Give them a discount, or just ask them if they need other help, by doing so you can increase your conversion rates.