About Us

About Company

Elite Digital is a company that enables digital transformation for organizations. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things, cloud computing and more are fundamentally changing businesses the world over. While it’s natural to be eager about emerging technologies, it’s also essential to address the dichotomy of implementing new digital offerings while re-structuring legacy systems, or abolishing them altogether. This is where Elite Digital help organizations.


We recognize that it is pertinent to forge key partnerships & collaborate with vendors and partners alike, in order for us to provide better value propositions, premium support and help you accelerate your ambitions. Thus, we persistently continue to build strategic alliances with other established players in the market, so as to deliver genuine added value to our customers.

Service Partner

We are a Microsoft Partner and leverage Microsoft's resources and tools specially designed to Go-to-market faster. Our partnership program uses the enterprise-proven solutions and technical support of Microsoft. This helps us in rapid development of solutions which are flexible, robust & economical.