Client Onboarding

Client Onboarding

Imagine an AI assistant who can take a client on an on-boarding process through the stages, leveraging natural conversation on a digital platform. This is the belief we share at Elite Digital Technologies. The bot will automate the process of requesting a client's documents and bringing them into the conversation via image uploads.

Document handling for Banking, Finance, & Insurance can be a very expensive procedure involving workers chasing numerous documents and information from potential clients and adding them to their records in order to gain final approval. This calls for a more affordable procedure like our client onboarding service with respect to Banking, Finance, & Insurance.

WhatsApp Now The Elite Digital Technologies AI assistant will keep clients involved in the full onboarding process for complicated products and services and re-engage with them if they drop off. As they emerge in the engagement, the digital assistant also responds to customer queries. With our Banking, Finance, & Insurance services, create an amazing on-boarding experience for your customers and clients with Chatbot on-boarding solution that offers real-time engagement, anywhere self-service, the flexibility of anytime and omni-channel interactions.

Transform from Web/Mobile-App based interface to conversational on-boarding by capturing process-ready documents, automating identity and other verification, gathering e-signatures, integrating with in-house and external systems.