A chatbot is an artificial-intelligence based program that imitates human conversations including text or speech and can reduce human effort by 60% in handling repeated enquiries at Customer Support or Enquiry desk. Chatbots understand natural language and act as virtual assistants to your customers and guide them to their solution without virtually any supervision. Like Humans, Chatbots can learn from their past interactions (data) and become intelligent and smarter over the time.


Web 2.0 and the rise of the smartphone have made us ever-connected to people and brands. Customers now expect a seamless and intuitive experience with the brands and businesses that they engage with. At the same time, customers expect all queries responded to immediately. This brings up a challenge to businesses to not only be always ready to listen to customer queries, but to reply to them intuitively as well.

Machine Learning and AI have enabled us now to create Chatbots that act as the human face for a business and build customer trust and loyalty. Chatbots can handle customer queries all day, every day. They are also able to generate data that they glean from these conversations and can help you identify issues which might otherwise go unnoticed for longer.

Use Cases