Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence is the competence of a computer program/machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour. Using artificial Intelligence, computer programs/machines can analyse images, understand speech (Natural Language), interact in natural ways to predict using data.

Machine learning is a data science technology that allows machines/computers to use existing data to predict future behaviors, results, and trends. By using machine learning, machines/computers learn without being explicitly programmed for a particular problem or function. Predictions from machine learning can make applications and devices smarter. For example, when you do online shopping, machine learning can help recommending other products you might like based on what you've already bought.

We can help you accelerate your business with Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning services and capabilities. We offer Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning enabled services with smart features that can help you drive better business outcomes.

Our expert Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning professionals can help companies to develop, deploy, and manage Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning enabled solutions for Industries from healthcare to education, finance to retail, and Information Technology; our team can help you implement Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning solutions to cater your business needs.


Get the Intelligent, enterprise-grade chatbots developed that let you maintain control of your data. Any type of chatbot can be developed from a simple Q&A chatbot to your own branded virtual assistant. Chatbots that have the ability to speak, listen and understand your users.

You can reach out your customers, wherever they interact. Integrate chatbot across different communication channels to reach more customers, more often. Apply chatbots to channels like your website or mobile app, Skype, Slack, Cortana and Facebook Messenger.


Artificial Intelligence based Language Understanding service interprets user intents (goals) and distils valuable information from sentences and entities to identify valuable information in conversations. Artificial Intelligence based Language Understanding service can be integrated with the Speech service for instant Speech to Intent processing.

Using Machine Learning quality of the learning Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) (natural language) processing models can be continuously improved. As the model starts processing input, Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) begins active learning, allowing you to constantly update and improve the language processing model.


Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning based Computer Vision service can give power to many digital asset management (DAM) scenarios. Using DAM organization, storing, and retrieving of rich media assets and management of digital rights and permissions can be done. Like, a business or company may want to group or identify images based on visible logos, human faces, objects, colors, etc. Or, you might want to automatically create captions for images and attach keywords with the images so they're searchable.


Speech to Text service converts spoken audio to text. Real-time speech-to-text capabilities can be added to your applications for application scenarios like voice commands, conversation transcription and call center calls log analysis. Speech recognition models can be customized to adapt to users’ speaking styles, expressions and unique vocabularies, accents and voice patterns.

Text to Speech service can give natural voice to your applications and systems. Smart application and services can be developed and which can speak to users naturally with the help of Text to Speech service. Text to audio conversion can be achieved in near real time. Customizations can also be done to change the speed of speech, pitch and volume.

Application can now have a one-of-a-kind, recognizable brand voice using customized voice models. You simply need to record and upload training data for machine learning and the service will create a unique voice font tuned to your recording.


Speech Translation service can provide real-time speech translation capabilities and can receive either a text or speech translation back in any of the supported languages. Speech Translation modelling is based on leading-edge speech recognition and NMT technology (neural machine translation). It is optimised to understand the way people talk/speak in real life and accordingly generates translations of exceptional quality.


QnA Maker service can be used to create a conversational question-and-answer layer over the existing data. By extracting questions and answers from semi-structured content, including FAQs, manuals and documents knowledge base can be built. With the best answers from the QnAs in the knowledge base applications can answer users’ questions automatically. Knowledge base gets smarter over the time, as it continually learns from user behaviour.