The Advisor Platform is a comprehensive solution that supports advisors in effectively launching new clients and managing renewals. It provides streamlined project management and facilitates collaboration with partners and clients, empowering advisors to optimize their workflow and enhance client satisfaction. The platform caters to various companies and partners involved in benefits advisory, including advisors, employers, TPAs, PBMs, medical management firms, DPC networks, and medical providers.
Advisor Platform serves as a centralized hub for communication, document sharing, and data exchange among stakeholders. This enhances transparency, coordination, and collaboration between stakeholders.
Key features include a seamless onboarding process that minimizes administrative burdens and ensures a smooth transition for new clients. The platform automates reminders, notifications, and tasks for renewing benefit plans, enabling advisors to easily track and manage renewal timelines with accuracy. Robust project management capabilities allow benefit advisors to plan, organize, and track tasks related to client engagements, fostering efficient teamwork and accountability.


  • Google Flutter

  • Azure Sql

  • .Net Core Web APIs

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